Are you curious about the world of mobile apps? Have a great idea but not sure where to start? Just want to meet some people doing cool things in this field? Come to Wurster Hall next Monday April 23 for guest panel targeted at planners, information architects, designers and business people. We’ll be discussing many aspects of app development, from ideation to working with developers to choosing the right platform.

Time: 11am-12:30pm, Monday, April 23
Location: Room 214B, Wurster Hall


Chad Meyer, CEO and co-founder of ParkCirca
Park Circa allows real-time sharing of parking spaces such as private driveways and curbcuts. Prior to founding Park Circa, Chad was co-founder and lead developer of Gutensite, a content management system with an integrated web design and development ecosystem.

Julie Price, CEO of Shinobi Labs
Julie is expert in product management, psychology, user interaction and game design. Shinobi Lab’s first app, Mobile Adventure Walks, is a game intended to get people to “exercise by accident.”

Jerry Jariyasunant, Founder of MileSense
MileSense uses smartphone-based technology to identify safe drivers. Jerry previously created real-time transit app BayTripper and studied how to use technology and open transportation data to get people to switch to more sustainable modes of transportation.

Ángel Rodríguez, Lead Engineer of GameBadger
Ángel is an Android expert who also happens to have four years of experience as the ground operations lead for the International Space Station in Madrid, Spain. Ángel also worked as a license and compliance engineer at Adobe Systems. He is a master’s candidate at the UC Berkeley School of Information.